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Volunteering Information List

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We look forward to diving into this life changing experience with you. The CHILD JESUS SCHOOL is located in the city of Petit-Goâve, Haiti at the Servants of Mary Center. It is an elementary and vocational school for poor and needy children. These children would never be able to attend school or receive an education, mainly because their parents or relatives are not able to pay the monthly fees required by the schools in Petit-Goâve.

The school provides a basic education for the children, as well as providing school supplies, uniforms and a nourishing meal each day the children attend class. The children also receive religious formation and instructions to prepare them for the Sacraments as well as learning the basic prayers, songs of praise and thanksgiving to God.

Listed below are some important information for your volunteer week:


  • Casual, comfortable clothing (pack some clothes that you are not afraid to get dirty, painted on, or ruined). Light-weight work clothing (shorts, T-shirts, etc.). All clothing should be modest & tasteful.

  • work gloves

  • work boots or sneakers

  • casual, nice pair of slacks and shirt or dress for church

  • sunscreen (30+) , bandana or hat

  • rain gear (umbrella, rain jacket)

  • bug spray (mosquito-borne illnesses is present in Haiti, including Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, and the Zika virus. It is recommended to wear bug spray with at least 25% DEET and to reapply often throughout the day and evening)

  • small amount of cash (gratuities is provided to the staff for their hospitality)

  • sheets and pillow case (we provide mattresses-pillows but you can bring your own pillow)

  • towel, washcloth

  • biodegradable soap/shampoo (such as Ivory or Herbal Essence Shampoo)

  • other toiletry articles (toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, biodegradable baby wipes, etc.)

  • keep in mind that most plumbing systems cannot break down toilet paper. Use the bin provided next to the toilet. Also, many public restrooms will not provide toilet paper. Carry your own if you’re worried.

  • Pain relief and any medication you may require

  • A book or something to pass the hours

  • Neck pillow (optional)

  • Don’t forget a pen for the forms you’ll be filling out for customs

  • Donations are welcomed (school supplies, clothing, small toys, etc)

  • Rosary (if you own one)

  • Snacks

  • Flashlight / batteries

  • A smile and eagerness to serve


  • A passport is required for travel to Haiti

  • You will need to pay a $10 tourist fee when you first arrive in Haiti (payable in U.S. dollars)

  • Be up to date on all standard vaccines, including Tetanus, Mumps, and Measles. Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines are also highly recommended. Talk to your doctor about anti-malarial medication.

  • Make a copy of your passport, credit cards, itinerary, travel insurance and any other import documentation you may have or need. Leave a copy with your family

  • Leave valuables at home (flashy jewelry and clothes, etc.)

  • Be Open Minded: The world is full of cultures that are nothing like your own. You may understand that people live differently on a mental level, but the reality can still take you by surprise. Culture shock is not uncommon and can spoil an entire trip.

  • Learn as much about the Local Culture as possible: Do your research. There is a lot of information available online or at your local library.

  • Stay hydrated (bottled water will be available for the volunteers).

  • Haiti’s currency is the Haitian gourde (HTG), about 50 Haitian gourdes are equal to just over one U.S. dollars.

  • Photography: Ask before you click. If children are asking you to take their photo, then that’s fine. Otherwise, ask first and trust your gut if it’s telling you to stop. If people catch you taking a photo of them washing their clothes, working in the fields, or doing any other routine task while being photographed, they may feel violated. It’s always better to treat the locals with respect than to have the perfect picture.

  • The volunteer week in Haiti is dedicated to living the simple life. We ask that all volunteers try to abstain from using their personal devices (cell phone, ipad, etc).

  • No alcohol or drugs permitted during the volunteer service.

  • Pray for the people of Haiti.

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