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The Little Way in Haiti - March 2013

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Grace and Ellen, were sent to share their gifts of nursing and art at Child Jesus School. They were grateful to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the welcoming community, learning of the language, food, people's everyday experiences, school children's joy, and love among other things. They have reflected on their time there, as the fruits of the trip continue to flourish in their lives in St. Louis.

Reflection by Ellen Schroeder:

For all that has been, Mesi (thank you). For all that will be, Wi (yes!)

Could you be here, Jesus, in the unsightly trash and muddied water?

Could you be here, in the children with no clothes, in the eyes of longing, and rough hands, could you be here?

Could you be here, Jesus, in the flow of Haiti time?

Could you be in the singing and dancing, in the mountains, and the sun, and the beach?

Could you be in the car accident on the side of the road, in the fwi-fruit- and in the fish?

Could you be in the learning of a new language, a new game, a new dance?

Could you be in the classrooms with only chalkboards and a few long wooden desks?

Could you be here, in the tears shed, listening to a companion's story, in the exchange of artwork, or in saying goodbye at the airport?

YES! you are here, there is no question.

There is singing at the airport, too, there is warm air all around, there are smiles on their faces.

Yes you are here.

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