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Drinking Well...

We are very grateful to Angel & Carmen Andújar from Kissimmee, FL for their financial support.  It was their hope and dream to help provide potable water for the school and its neighbors. Angel & Carmen provided funding for a well that was dug in another area of Haiti, as well.  They are truly concerned for their brothers and sisters in need.  Along with our gratitude to Angel & Carmen, we wish to express our  sincerest thanks to Tim Britton, for the work that he has done to improve the initial work done to dig and set up the well.  With Tim's deep interest in responding to the needs of others to have accessible water, he has shared his time and talent with Child Jesus School to assure that the well functions well and provides the much needed water.  It is truly a work in progress! Thank you Angel & Carmen!  Thank you Tim!  Our school has been blessed by such great generosity!!

"Will you give me something to drink?" (John 4:7)


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